• Connie Summerfield

7 Easy Ways to Make a Difference to the Environment.

Making a positive difference in the environment can be easy as long as you start small. Here’s just a few of the items and things I do which help the environment that you can add to your everyday routine.

  1. A Can Crusher. This is actually more fun than recycling! I recycle so much now, that I am constantly taking the bins out. To save space I bought myself a wall mounted can crusher. The inside recycling bin needs less emptying, the kids can join in and it’s quite satisfying too.

  2. A Compost Bin. After deciding to reduce plastic use, I thought of composting as a way to reduce landfill. I now turn peelings, offcuts, old food, and garden waste into usable soil in an outdoors composting bin. Instead of sending it to the local council, having this allows you to use your own FREE compost in the garden. If you don’t have a garden or room for this then requesting a food waste bin from your local council is the next best thing, when full you simply put it out with the rest of the recycling.

  3. A Milk Bottle. Locally produced and with home delivery, having these over plastic milk cartons helps to reduce our plastic use further. The bottles are entirely re-used and recycled, they get returned to your local dairy and re-filled. Although it is a bit more expensive, it goes a long way to helping a small local business and the impact on the earth.

  4. A Reusable Cup. Don't get me wrong, I really love a large, hot latte served to my table in a proper mug. It's far more pleasant experience and reduces waste. However, if you’re on the go or there’s no room to sit in, I ask the lovely people (as they always are) to fill up my re-usable mug instead. The great thing about these is that they can be used wherever, and you can choose a design you like.

  5. A Reusable Bag. I keep these in the car, and in a draw at home for convenience. As opposed to the common re-usable bags you find at checkouts, these are made of sustainable materials. They’re big enough, made to last but not at the expense of the environment. Choosing a tote or woven bag means the handles won’t strain your fingers when carrying them and they can be fashionable too!

  6. An Energy Switch. I switched my energy supplier because it’s a fast growing, fast moving market which likes to constantly improve, including being greener. I chose Bulb as they offer renewable energy, whilst only a small percentage of gas is, there’s hope that it will be one day. Not to mention their customer service is great and when switching they are easy to deal with and once you’ve switched it’s no hassle.

  7. A Compostable Bag. This is of course not the perfect solution, nothing is, but that's for another day. These bags will break down far quicker than non-biodegradable ones and reduce the impact on the environment. This box of 100 was purchased almost a year ago and I haven't run out yet.

Give a few of these a try to find out how easy caring for the planet can be. By doing even a handful of these things, you’re adding to the collective impact we are having on the environment.

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