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At the moment we are busy getting things off the ground. We are working hard trying to source environmentally friendly products and to connect with as many people as possible. We are also researching and testing our ideas on how to help reverse climate change and creating a fairer society.

Planit 2020 is about building a community





We want to lead by example in creating a business with impeccable ethics and socially responsible practices. To set the standard for other businesses to follow and learn from. By bringing people together who share our vision we can change the way people work in the future and the impact on the planet.





We believe the following values set us apart from some businesses;


Not just for profit

It is important that a business makes money to enable it to flourish and invest to grow. At Planit 2020 it is not about how much profit we can make, it is about making profit ethically. It is also about paying our share of tax and treating people fairly.


Fair pay for all

We believe in a fair pay structure and the difference between the lowest paid worker and the highest paid worker should not be more than 10 times higher. Raising the income for the lowest paid workers is vital in the fight for a fairer society and protecting the planet in our opinion.

Pay forward

For us to grow we are going to need the help of others. As soon as we are established we want to help other start up businesses who have a similar ethos. Imagine creating a world of new businesses who provide well paid jobs, with ethics and the planet central to their plans. 

We are non political

Planit 2020 is a community and not a political party, charity or movement. Together we hope to persuade local and central government to listen to us. We want big business to change their ways, so that fair pay, ethics, and the planet are taken into account in their future planning and decision making.


Being kind to each other and the planet

By focusing on solutions rather than the problems we can change the narrative. We can take small individual steps which together will mean huge strides in changing the world into becoming a nicer place to live, and safer for all creatures great and small.


Hands up, we don't have all the answers and we can all use a helping hand. So what are you going to do, are you going to rely on someone else to do it for you? Or would you like to be a part of an exciting creative and worthwhile project. If this is for you, give us a Hi Five and thumbs up and become part of the team, even if it's just in a very small way. 

 Hi five to the planet

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If you haven't the time right now but would still like to support us, you can visit our GoFundMe page and give what you can, we will put this to good use to help with our research and to grow our community faster.

Thank you