At times, saving the planet seemed like too big a task for us to make a difference. We knew that it was unrealistic to think people will sacrifice convenience or travel, or afford the expense of some environmentally friendly alternatives.


After years of feeling powerless about finding what we could do to save the planet and reversing climate change, we chose to start Planit 2020. This is because we thought of the perfect vision for our future on this earth.


Our goal is for people to find it easier to switch to sustainable alternatives.


But, we knew our vision wouldn’t come to life without a plan and it would need help. Which is where you come in.

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"Ever since we arrived on this planet as a species, we've cut them down, dug them up, burnt them and poisoned them. Today we're doing so on a greater scale than ever.”


A lot of us are aware that the climate has changed, and as Greta Thunburg often says, “Everything needs to change.”


To create our vision, we need to build a community where the solutions we find and things that we do to leave no trace is recognised.


A place where we do not feel powerless or alone and we can rest assured knowing we're making a difference together, in the hope that it inspires more people to be part of the solution. By changing nothing in changing everything.


Item by item, action by action, making it easier for everyone to have zero impact on lifestyle but with far less impact on the planet.


We call this Project360


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